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Privacy Policy

Aussie Gurlz recognizes that privacy is very important to all of the people who deal with us whether online, or through more traditional medium. As Aussie Gurlz deals with the supply of personal information in various parts of our business in order to obtain work for our members and also to satisfy our clients needs for booking talent, we feel it necessary to provide you with information on how we collect, use, disclose and store your personal information.


a) Information collected for membership

When a person applies for membership whether it be through our website, email or any other method, they will be asked for personal details which can include contact details, measurements of the person, photos and resumes.

b) Information collected from members

Aussie Gurlz only collects information that is given to us by the member. The member has control over the amount of information they give the agency. The member may also be asked to provide Aussie Gurlz with information about the members country of origin, ethnicity, and languages spoken. This type of information is considered to be "sensitive information" under Australian privacy laws.

If the person applying for membership or a member does not accept our Privacy Policy and our Agency Agreement, Aussie Gurlz will not be able to collect the information and therefore will not be able to provide our product or services

c) Information collected on potential or existing clients and other businesses

From time to time Aussie Gurlz collects information on potential and current clients or business contacts (or an employee of that entity) via our website, email, publicly available lists and promotions. This is necessary to identify potential business dealings or to complete a business deal or to advertise our product or service that might be of value to them.

d) Information collected online

Aussie Gurlz collects information as a result of the use of our website. This additional information may or may not identify the user of our website, however, this section applies to the public who browse our website, our clients, our members and our business contacts.

Information collected through our website will include information which is provided voluntarily, such as when an online form is completed or an email enquiry is sent. It may also include information about the use, which is made of the site and, the type of Internet browser, operating system, address of the referring site, IP address and clickstream information of a user.


a) To provide existing and potential members with products and services
Aussie Gurlz uses personal information of both existing and potential Members to advise them about our products and services and any promotions we conduct from time to time.

The general public may be able to view a members personal and sensitive information at our website, for example, if a members Profile is included in our general public viewing section or when their photograph is included in our Head-sheet.
Our children are currently under a username and password protected section of the site. This section is only accessible by clients and prospective clients who have registered their details with Aussie Gurlz.

Aussie Gurlz disclose personal and sensitive information to identify whether a member would be suitable for a particular casting, audition, booking or job.

Aussie Gurlz may also use information about a Memberto book casting sessions and jobs, monitor a Members resume, administer a Member's account, provide a member or in a child's case their parent/ legal guardian with customer service and any information which they have requested. This includes any sensitive information provided by a member or in a child's case parent/ legal guardian.

b) To provide existing and potential clients with our products and services

In order to provide our clients access to the secure section of our website we may need to use their personal information to validate their intentions and obtain references.

We use personal information about our clients, business contacts and their respective employees, where appropriate, to identify potential members, book casting sessions and other work and to provide our clients with information they request in relation to our products and services.

Aussie Gurlz may disclose personal information about our clients and their employees where appropriate to our members for the purpose of providing our products and services. This may include contact details and any other information relevant to our client casting or booking our members. Aussie Gurlz uses personal information collected from our business contacts for the purpose of completing the relevant business transactions or to identify a potential business transaction.

c) Other uses and disclosures

Aussie Gurlz may disclose personal and sensitive information provided by a person or entity if:

Aussie Gurlz reasonably believes that the disclosure is necessary to prevent or lessen a serious and immediate threat to a persons life or health; or the disclosure is specifically authorized or required by law; or Aussie Gurlz has reason to suspect that unlawful activity has been, is being or may be engaged in and discloses the personal information as part of its investigation or reporting its concerns to relevant persons and/or authorities, when personal information is requested under law. Aussie Gurlz will ensure that such request is lawful and that personal information is only disclosed to the extent required. Aussie Gurlz will retain the record of disclosure if the disclosure was for lawful purpose or for the protection of public revenue.


By using our website, you consent to the collection and use of information by Aussie Gurlz as described above. If Aussie Gurlz decides to change this privacy policy, we will re-issue it on our website at so that you are aware of the way we are collecting, protecting and disclosing personal information.
Thank you for taking the time to read this privacy policy.

For any questions, please email us at:

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