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Promotional Advice

Benefits Of Promotional Marketing
Promotional marketing can be an extremely insightful and profitable exercise when executed properly, however so many campaigns fall well short of the mark. A successful campaign is a fine balance between hitting your correct demographic, having the appropriate dialogue and material, and using ambassadors that deliver your message in a positive and unforgettable manner, driving your brand indelibly into the mind of the consumer. >>More

If you are looking for someone to serve drinks at your public or private function, our colleague provides professional and energetic wait staff including waiters, waitresses, barmaids and barmen for all your waitstaff needs.

Look after your feet
Models spend a lot of time wearing heels. And an unfortunate side effect of that can be blisters. All girls know just how painful these can be, which is why stopping them from occuring is crucial in the modelling industry. Thankfully, an AFL footy trainer from Melbourne has come up with the perfect blister prevention that is easy to use and cost effective. Blisterproof can be applied directly to the heel to stop the friction on the skin caused by the shoes. No matter what type of shoe you're wearing or your foot shape and size, it will work perfectly and ensure no more blisters!

Get a website
Promoting yourself is one of the most important ways to get yourself noticed and establish a name for yourself. Temerity offers web design to give you a credible online presence as well as SEO and social media management to help you grow your brand..

Natural Hair Solutions for Different Looks
Promotional modelling is used for a range of brands and different styles are paramount to specific images you want to portray. Sometimes you might have the perfect girl for a job but her hair colour isn't right for the job at hand. Rather than going to the task of dying it, using a natural wig can be a great solution. Madeleine Vezis and her team can provide you with quality wigs and hairpieces from 100% natural hair that look great. Change your look instantly for a gig with a realistic comfortable wig.

A lot of people, especially young females are concerned about body image. First and foremost you should be happy with your body, and getting into shape can make you feel better about yourself, plus it's a lot better for your health. Regular exercise and healthy eating are obviously the best way to do this, but there are alternatives. Liposuction is a very evasive procedure. At Shrinc they offer non invasive treatments that will have you losing weight and keeping it off. You will get the same results as liposuction without the pain and risk of invasive surgery.

To find out more about different facets of modelling, please check out our modelling resources to view a range of other model and promotion related websites.

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